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Smoke Shop Near Me - It's a Dream Smoke Shop

Kansas City's source for top of the line hookahs, plus a huge selection of shisha flavors! Everything you need to bring your hookah to life, for the price you're looking for. Come on in and let our expert flavor-ologists teach you the best shisha combo recipes to put your hookah game on the next level. Coals and screens, hoses and grommets, bowls and cases, parts and pieces,  we've got it all!

We're bringing Hookah back


We've got all the Starbuzz flavors you love, plus ones you've never tried before!

Fumari Tobacco


Unique flavors, 10% more fruit juice, PLUS a ziplock bag makes Fumari an amazing choice for a true hookah enthusiast.

Starbuzz Tobacco

Al Fakher

Looking for that classic hookah taste? Al Fakher has got you covered with the traditional shisha flavors.

Starbuzz Vintage

Starbuzz's newest line of flavors using dark tobacco leaves. Rich flavor, deep smoke.

Starbuzz Vintage
Al Fakher Tobacco

Classic Hookahs

Singles, doubles, triples, even quadruples! No matter the size or style you want, you'll find it at Dream

Glass Hookahs

Looking for something a bit classier? That futuristic look? Check out our selection of glass hookahs!

4 Hose Hookah
Evolve Glass Hookahs


Quick lights or coconut shell, we got 'em.

Need a way to light them? We've got that too! Mini torches and coal burners.


Have a crack in your classic clay bowl? Looking for the newest tech to blast your flavor outta this world?  We have myriad bowl styles to suit your need.

Apple On Top Bowl
Coco Nara Coals
DHose 2.0


Hose getting nasty and messing with your flavor? Yea, they do that. Good thing we have plethora of hoses of all shapes and sizes, including the Dhose 2.0 with a removable silicone hose that makes cleaning a breeze.

Spare Hookah Parts

Spare Parts

Need a specific piece to keep your beloved hookah alive? Just call us Dr. Hookenstein, we will bring your hookah back to life!

Didn't Find What You Were Looking For?

Try checking under our More section, or just give us a call and we can answer any questions you may have and check for availability in our stock.

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