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Kansas City's one stop shop for all your needs. Stop wasting time going from this store to that store. It's A Dream has everything you could possibly want, and if we don't have it, chances are we're about to get it. From e-nails and Dab Padz to incense and detox, Dream has it all! Just take a look at some of the many products we offer below. Not finding what you're looking for? Give us a call and we'll tell you if we have it or something like it. 

Never Ending



Ditch the ol' torch and butane routine with one of our many e-nail options. Whether you like titanium nails or prefer going the quartz route, we've got an e-nail for you.

Nectar Collectors

Experience the flavor of your concentrate like never before. Using a collector is like sipping sweet nectar from a straw. Watch out though! It's so easy and delicious, you may just use all your wax!

Yo Dabba Dabba Mini E-Nail
Nector Collector


Here at It's A Dream, we believe there's a tool for every job. Maybe you're looking for the perfect artist piece to complete your set, or a self-warming tool to slice through slabs. No matter, we've got it all!

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Carb Caps

Get that perfect air flow and hit your sauce just right with one of our many carb caps. We've got a cap for any nail and any style!



Get lit with one of our many torches. Been burned a few times by a bad product? We've got torches that come with lifetime warranties! Never be out of a torch again!

Colibri Butane


Can't use your torch without butane! Stock up, buy bulk, save money.


Keep your beautiful piece intact while providing some chuckles as well. We have all kinds of padz to please any kind of style.



Clean your piece up and make it shine like new with one of our cleaning solution options for both dry and wax pieces.

Ryot Double Screen Pollen Box

Pollen Boxes

Become queen bee with some of the best pollen collectors around. Singles, doubles, lockboxes, you name it!

Ryot Dugout


We're gonna teach you how to duggie. Teach, teach you how to duggie.

With dugouts of every shape, size, color, and price, you'll be a duggie master!


NASA - grade technology say what!?

That's right, here at It's A Dream, we're bringing you the latest and greatest in grinding gear on the market!

Santa Cruz Shredder Grinder

Air-Tight Containers

Keep your stuff fresher longer by keeping air out, and keep your stuff from smelling by keeping odors in. That's the beauty of vacuum sealed containers.

Evak Vacuum Containers
Shine 24kt Gold Rolling Papers

Shine Products

Shine like a king with 24kt gold papers, wraps, and cones. That's right, 24kt gold. No tobacco, no nicotine, no flavor, yes please. Perfect for any special occasion, especially if you a baller.



We've got practically every Raw product known to man, and even some previously unknown! Zig-Zags, elements, Juicy Js, you name it, it's probably here.


Backwoods. Swisher. Swisher Mini. White Owl. Garcia y Vega. And More!


Smoke Filters

Remember when you would take a paper towel roll and stuff it with dryer sheets? Well an engineer decided to use an activated-carbon filter. Guess what? It works a whole lot better!

Smokebuddy Air Filter
Coca-Cola Stash Can

Stash Cans

Ever wish you could just hide all your valuables in your drinks and food, but didn't want to ruin all your soda and peanut butter? Well now you can have the best of both worlds with stash cans!

Wild Berry Incense


In-case you didn't know, we've got the best in-cense in town! Multiple brands, even more flavors! Here at It's A Dream, we offer free smells, so come on by today!

Smoke Odor Candles

Need to clean up your air a bit, but hate having to spray stuff in the air? Maybe just get a candle then? Oh, and we can help with that.


Smoke Odor


Dirty air? Clean it up with Ozium. *ding*

Looking to transport yourself to another realm of scents? Try our smoke odor spray to leave your air feeling fresh.

Ozium Air Spray


Scales of all shapes, sizes, and sensitivities. From pocket to lab grade. No matter your weighing needs, we got you covered.

Grover's Sack Smell Proof Bags

Smell Proof Bags

Got a smelly sack? Tired of getting those looks from the people who notice? It's A Dream has what you need; smell proof bags!

Protective Cases

A true collector knows it's all about protecting your babies. With dust, water, and crush proof cases, you can rest easy knowing you're keeping your family safe at night.


Silicone Containers

Tired of sticky fingers? We've got silicone containers in every shape and size you can imagine. We even have segmented jars to keep your flavors separated.

Divider Pro Silicone Jars

Didn't Find What You Were Looking For?

Just give us a call and we can answer any questions you may have and check for availability in our stock.