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Filter Bags

With ultrasonic sealing technology, Rosin Tech filter bags will keep your rosin free of contaminants with seamless technology while holding under strong pressure.

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These pre-press molds are milled out of aluminum and anodized with a black finish. Pre pressing your material will help you reduce blowouts and significantly improve your yields. 

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Collection Tools

This massive XXL tool features 2 large ends making it very useful in larger jobs. We also have a large range of any style tool you could imagine!

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Parchment Paper

Keep your rosin production organized with these pre-cut and pre-folded 50, 100, 250, 500 or 1000 packs. RTP Parchment Paper is FDA approved for direct human food contact.

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Rosin Accessories -  It's a Dream Smoke Shop



Make sure your rosin only goes where you want it to go. Using silicone pads is a great way to keep your life from getting too sticky!

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Using pollen is the best way to increase your rosin yield! And what better way to harvest your pollen than with a Pollen Master?

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