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Kandy Pen

KandyPen is the leading vaporizer brand in the world! They offer products for everything from dry aromatic material, concentrates, to oils. They have an unprecedented lifetime warranty on all of our products and have 5 star customer support! They pride ourselves in turning our customers in loyal brand ambassadors for life. Give them a try!

Juul Pod System

Atmos Greedy

The Atmos Greedy is a durable Stainless Steel Heating Attachment that works with most box mods and 510 batteries. Equipped with adjustable airflow and a splash prevention mouthpiece, the attachment uses a massive Stainless Steel Coil/Quartz Rod Heating Chamber, capable of holding an impressive amount wax consistency products, to produce potent and flavorful vapor.

Atmos Swiss

The Swiss is designed to be used primarily as a rig insert, as it is compatible with most standard pipe sizes and it can also be used as a portable vaporizer. As a portable vaporizer, the Swiss sports a splash resistant glass mouthpiece, manual operation mode, pre-heat function, and an elegant etched bottom cap that doubles as a container for your dry herbs and wax consistency products. 

Juul Pod System



Yocan's product line covers everything from dry herb vaporizers, wax vaporizers to E-nail. Each model is designed by their professional R&D team considering eliminating harmful toxins otherwise consumed. Top level craftsmanship and quality standards applied by Yocan undoubtedly make our products first choice in the industry. 

Juul Pod System

Didn't Find What You Were Looking For?

At It's A Dream we are dedicated to bringing you the latest and greatest in gadgets. Due to the fact that we are constantly expanding our selection, we find it quite difficult to keep an online list of what we carry. To find out what devices we currently have in stock, give us call or come up to the shop and check it out for yourself!

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